Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Plan Crew :)

P.E.A.C.E..B.E..U.P.O.N..Y.O.U :)

someday i'll find my way back to where your name is written in the sand - Simple Plan :)

i don't have intention to write a long entry. currently (a couple hours ago act..ahaks) i think i've fell in love with Simple Plan's song.yeah..kinda lame rite -.-' but i don't care...i just love their song not them :) nanti laa aku carik sorang.haha.first SP's song yg aku minat Save You..sad song.then Jet Lag, Summer Paradise n Astronaut. i love their voice.they hv their own style to express the melody of the song*cehh. latest song dieorg Summer Paradise kot.skrg ni SP busy buat tour.ohh i watched their vlog just now bout their concert at Malaysia. suddenly rase mcm proud to be Malaysian..haha..SP puji Msia best.*eleh sume ngre die ckp best.haha. siap ade polis escort dieorg dr case kalau nak tgk bole laa click here :)

like seriously, terase mcm dah matured bile minat kat SP ni..haha. and now i'm officially SPCrew *firework please :)


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