Sunday, February 3, 2013

CFS IIUM, Aku Datang

P.E.A.C.E..B.E..U.P.O.N..Y.O.U :)

We're the torchbearer of the ummah - CFS IIUM official song

Tajuk mmg nak gempak pun. Hehe. 

Last Thursday faizah, atira and i went to Sunway Pyramid. Watched Hansel and Gretel. That movie is totally awesome and the plot is not boring at all. Only for one and a half hour, then the movie ended. After that we lunch at Papa John. ouh pizza hut is more worth! Window shopping for about 3 hours. yeah i didn't buy anything because i'm cool liddat. Hahaha. After Maghrib, we took the bus until Subang Jaya and went back to Shah Alam by KTM.

the next day which is Friday, after the aca-awesome class with Ustazah Ahiasah we (Faizah and i) went to Mid Valley to meet our friends. Act we haven't any classes from Wednesday until this weekend but suddenly Ustazah said that our ALIS class is not cancel. With full of determination, we went there. We only recite Surah Al-Kahfi and its ibrah (pengajaran) then the class is dismissed. Ohhh not to be forgotten, Ustazah gave us extra 2 points for our carry marks :D About 12 noon we took bus to KTM Shah Alam and bought ticket to Mid Valley. Then my ex-roommates (Ainun,Sae,Mira and their new roommate, Dayah) from UIA arrived there at 3 i guess. They took me at Food Garden and lunch there. I ate mee sizzling. Omnomnom. Deliciousss.

From left : Sae, Ainun, me and Mira (Dayah is not in picture)

At night, i met Ekin n Femah. Miss them so much! We were eating doughnut from Big Apples and have a chat until 10 pm. In a mean time, i met Adel and Zia. They were otw to AliB for dinner maybe. And also Nana, She was rushing to somewhere there for FSCC meeting. She's such a busy girl. After that, I went back to KC alone *Huuu I'm a brave girl.* and saw brothers still playing football even though its late. Healthy lifestyle indeed. Then, i have my supper at room. Domino's uolls.Kekeke. And sleep.~~

Saturday morning, i'm having breakfast at room. Nestum Choc + Nestum Honey + Quaker Oats. Just nice :) Then meet Femah and Ekin at bus stop in front of CFS. After several minutes, we decided to ride cab because we can't wait for buses more. Lembab okay. 
Bought ticket to Bandar Tasik Selatan because they want to buy bus ticket for this upcoming Chinese New Year. Otw to Putra, Faizah drop off at KL Sentral and went back to Shah Alam. Then we headed to Putra and walked a few meters to PWTC. After that, Ekin, Fahimah and i have our lunch at Pizza Hut. weeee~~~ My ex-roomates is not joining us as they went back early. 

From left : Me, Femah, Ekin at Pizza Hut :)

After eating, we headed to Putra station. I bought ticket to Shah Alam and the other two to Mid Valley. Suddenly i saw my usrah-mate there. Thank God I'm not alone. A few minutes later, KTM to Sg. Gadut then Pelabuhan Klang. Femah and Ekin took the first train as our route is different. I arrived at Akasia about 4 pm. Online. Then sleep until Isyak. Hahaha. I'm super tired but happy!

Thanks friend for your time. I'll cherish each of these moment :')

p/s : I'll taking IELTS next sem, yet my english is still ever :( Forgive me for my grammatical mistake.