Sunday, February 28, 2016

Busy me is busy.

P.E.A.C.E..B.E..U.P.O.N..Y.O.U :)

Holla yuolls.

It has been a long time since a wrote a post. So yeah here we go. I hope i can finish my post because i dont want to keep it in draft which means that it will never get posted. lol. So, today is Saturday which is my working day. Yayy to me because finally i can get out of my comfort zone. Hehe. I'm working for three days a week (Monday, Friday and Saturday) with a total of 13.9 hours. I already worked for about 3 weeks if im not mistaken and got my first salary last Friday. So excited u know. Hahaha.

Oh ya i forgot to tell u i'm working at West Dining Hall which located in the campus. I find working is not that bad. With bad i mean like tired, boring or what so ever related to it. I admit that i was sooooo tired on my first day of working but it gets better because i manage to adapt with the environment/messiness/hectic-ness especially at West Wing. West Wing is a place where you can place your order such as panini, cheese steak, sub etc on computer and we make it based on your preferences (types of meat, sauce, topping etc). I usually got to handle Hot area where there are fries, mozzarella stick, grilled chiken, chicken tender etc. It was fun actually because you can see like a lot of different people with different personalities.

Enough with my working life. Lets talk about my studies. I'm taking 19 credits hour this semester - Orgo Chem, Orgo lab, Inorganic, Physics, Arabic and Theater. Im struggling to finish this semester. Only God knows how hard it is and i can only pray to God to ease me throughout this semester. Living far from families is quite challenging. Usually, when i was at Intec and 5 years of boarding school, i will always went back to home at least once in a fortnight. A month is a maximum. Haha. What a clingy daughter i am. :p I miss everyone at Malaysia. Oh gosh can i just skip all classes and exams and fly to malaysia already? I wish.....

Last but not least, last winter me and my friends went to California-Nevada-Colorado. It was a great experience and im broke as hell. lol. Alhamdulillah for this opportunity. There are a lot of thing that i learnt throughout this journey. Firstly, patience. When you are on road, a lot of thing can happen especially when you travel with all girls which you know banyak emosi. Hahaha. So what ever happen just keep calm and embrace it. Secondly, i think to commit with prayers and all. Living in a non-islamic country is not easy. There is no mosque or surau available at gas station at Malaysia. We had to solat at tepi-tepi gas station, parking lot etc. And the hardest part is when you need to hold the wudu' till prayer time because you are too lazy to perform wudu' at the toilet sink. Lol.
Allah said "Say, [O Muhammad], Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent." [29:20] 
May Allah bless this journey. Below are some pictures during our trip. Enjoy. :)

At Lombard Street, San Frans. As you can see the road is like ular kena palu.

Lower Antelope Canyon, Colorado.

Beverly Hills, LA

Universal Studio Hollywood. 

Big Sur, California.

Lake Tahoe, California. 

Hoover Dam. NV

Sin City.

Horseshoe Bend, Colorado

En route to Las Vegas if im not mistaken. 

Hollywood Sign.

In USH while waiting our turn.

Santa Monica Pier, California.

Subhanallh. Love this scenery at Santa Monica Pier.

Google Plex, San Frans.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Frans.

Travel buddies. The Pikas. <3

Thats all for today. Thanks for reading.
 Wasalam. Byeeeee.