Thursday, August 24, 2017

Senior Year

Assalamualaikum and hi myself! 

It has been a year since i posted something here. Now, i already in my last year or what American call; Senior year. What i feel about it? I would say that i'm overwhelmed because i have two frickin semesters left before i'm coming home for goood. I'm so not ready to leave America but at the same time i miss home like a looooot *cries a river*. FYI, i spent legit 3 months of summer break here. I took two classes in the first summer session and worked my ass out at dining hall for the second half. Most people said second half summer is mentally tortured because that is the time where you miss your family the most. Lol. Thank God i'm 'okay' but that not okay because all my housemates are staying at US. So, i did not feel lonely at all! -lol tipu. i was crying my lungs out under the blanket during first day of Eid. HAHAHA-

So, speaking of Eid. I celebrated the first day of Eid at Embassy of Malaysia, Washington DC. Left home right after subuh and arrived there at about 9 am. There were takbir raya Malaysian version. (FYI takbir raya arab version is totally different. Malaysian is like mendayu-dayu gila but Arab's usually not mendayu-dayu at all) Then, we have small celebration there in front of the building. There were a lot of Malaysian foods. OMG i was crying lookin at the kambing golek. Other than that, there were also rendang, ketupat, mihun sup and all traditional malay's cuisines. Not to mention, kuih raya too! After eating, We went to Capitol at Washington for photoshoot purpose. So, that are all my raya story. I think i only celebrated it like for two days only. Sad but very meaningful one.

I have all the picture during raya in my hard disk right now but too lazy to upload now. Lol. I might upload it later. Bye!

UPDATE: Actually i lied. My raya pictures are in my laptop! i forgot that that i just transfer it last week. So, there you go... The pictures during raya. Enjoy!

This picture was taken during our first time went to Mosque at State College for iftar.

 MSC iftar at Vairo.

My lil nephew with bahan nak buat jangan lombok (Javaness cuisine)

 My family without me. 😭😭😭

POOOF!! Applause at my magic hand for editing such a masterpiece. Lewls

In front of Embassy of Malaysia. *obviously* 

 At Capitol of Washington.

 Convoy raya from Penn State.

My pikas.

If only you know the struggle while taking this picture. Fuhh 

Takbir raya at Ballmain Embassy of Malaysia.