Saturday, March 12, 2011

In a blink of an eye~~


first of all,,wanna wish happy holiday..
even it just a week,,,

do u agree with me,,anything can happen in a blink of an eye??
it suppose to be yes!!

and everything can happen in a week,,,

if so???think by yourselves,,
esp my classmate...

: my second wrongdoing,,,,
*tape ade lg 1 quota ntok b'hijrah~~

: when the truth unfold~~

: cheating??!!
who's that?? haa haaa x tau...

*kalaulah manusia tu mngaku cam nih,,pasti b'gegar bumi as-sharifah..
why???tekezot le!!!

: antagonist actress debut
truly, her scratched face scared me~~

: no more camaraderie btween us
*sory to say,,but i can't stand with "you" anymore..
omg...soften my heart...

hope a miracle will happen....

friend,, we need each other to still standing till the end our life...

try change the word 'marry you' with 'befren with you'

even x bape nk sedap,,tp bntai jea,,
hehe :))))



  1. ade blog improvement cume header keanak-anakan siket..
    yg psl cheating2 tu.. absolutely correct.. ggr smpai rntuh jap gi skola

  2. nk tuka le ne,,,,
    just nk carik pic yg sesuai jer~~