Saturday, November 27, 2010

stay at home~~get bored!

salam~~ bored dok kat umah nih...
x tawu nk wat pe..
*act bnyk je keje yg nk kene wat.. ;p
sgt bnyk omwork that must be done before the oliday end!!!
t'lmpau bnyk...
BM  : 1 ntok novel...
n kene wat 4 essey...
amboi ta menahan....
pe lg ek??ha!!
bio kene wat corrections ntok final year exam..
teacher ckp suwoh salen jwpn kat blog bio...
tp bile ak explore blog uh...tade pon!!
yg ade answer scheme ntok ujian 1..
pape jelah..
pastu ak pon pnye le baek aty tules kt 
dye punyer chatbox uh...

4ik : salam teacher..
4ik : bile nk mskkn jwpn ntok final year exam?? 

hahahaha... :))
lowrat jekan nk promote2 klas plak..
sjer je nk tnjokkn keperihatinan t'hdp keje yg cegu bg...

nih pic lib kat utp...siap ade lif lg uh~~

* BTW ak dedicate pic nih kt hard n aim 4 engineer!!
UTP is among the best choice ntok further study(in malaysia)...lg pon u nih mmg b'kaitn dgn engineering je..
tade medic2 nih....

so, bile tgh2 boring nih..
t'pk plak nk gi lib...
so ajak le dak wana n mnx tlong dye crkkn membr yg ikot skali...
ak suggest ntok pegi ary isnen..
tp x sure lg cos x taw sape nk ikot lg..
n blom bg taw mk bpk lg...


wei korang!!
nih ade omwok..x taw le korang da taw blom..
kalo x taw bleh r salen,,

1) make a comparison between the intricate novel with novel silk painting in terms of themes, issues, characters, character, setting, plot (form, technique), story telling & plot elements.


1) Your school has been selected to represent the district in the Royal Trophy tournament talk. The sermon title is, "Contribution of Computer Technology & role in education." Prepare the text of the lecture.

2) Recently, many students who venture into the art sound, although still in school.This situation is seen there is good & cons. Write an article on the matter to be included in a local newspaper.

3) prefer working in attitude among the youth are important factors that lead to rising unemployment in our country. Bahaskan this statement.

4) Beginning in 2000 the Ministry of Education has introduced a component element of Malay literature (KOMSAS) to students in middle school. In your opinion, what is the importance & benefit of studying literary elements, especially to students.

- Of the country saterawan


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