Monday, May 2, 2011

We we we so excited !


today is my excited day..
it refers to the moment when we go to Kedah..

act otw to there we have a lunch at r&r Perak i guess~~

then when i arrived there,,i saw someone that have the same face as AZLAN ISKANDAR...
but..i'm not so sure,,so i ask my fren bout it...unfortunately...
she didn't saw him...

so i took decisions to go to ladies first.....
bubbling with my fren......

otw to the food-court,,
my fren, jia called me excitedly.
n told that she saw AZLAN......n i told her the same story~~
but,,we get our food first then went to the table in front of him..
act he is not alone....mybe with his fren or assistant.... 
unfortunately he had got up from his seat...

so sad.....since then,,,,my fren n i confused whether is it AZLAN ISKANDAR the sportsman...
or just a man just have the same face as him...


when holiday arrived,,,i came back home,,
surfing internet n facebook...
for satisfy myself,,
ive wrote sumthing on his fanpage....
then u know what??he replied my comment, but i'm still not satisfy yet..
i asked him to tell the truth whether it is himself or not...

a week later~~

i notice that he replied my comment again...
excitedly i read it!!
hhuuuuuaaaaaaaaa *screaming like kak limah 


i'll prove that i not cheating!!

click for growth :))

see,,,i'm not lying rite???

*senyum smpai koyak mulut... 

 그래서 오늘은 흥분

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