Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Step by Wicked Step....


da lame x post kat entry ne~~
sbp dunno nk nules pe....
suddenly rse bosan plak ngan blog ne....base r tu human being kn,,,
cpt got bored with sumthng esp ngan gf/bf..
trust me!!

1stly nk tunjok u  all my new family membr!!!

hmm,,,,,rmai x fmly ak??
btw i luv 'em!!

oke now i want to story2 bout miss english lambert!!
based on the tittle that i've wrote above,,,
nk story cket psl step by wicked step uh...
msty korang taw kn bku literature ntok f5..
act i haven't finish my reading yet...
tp tggl satu chptr je lg,,,robbo's story..

original cover ,,,

now!!what we've got~~
lets me story u bout this book,,
cehh.,,act ak tade rphm sgt,,tp wat2 phm suda~~kn kn kn,,,
cite ne psl 5 students yg dok at 1 umah ne,,
Old Harwick Hall
time dyeorg smpai tade karen,,then they gathered kat satu blk nih...1st2 tchr dyeorg suwoh separate,,tp dah glp2 nih...
takan r nak separate plak ,,kalo ak lah kn..
hish x sggp~~~
then one of em nmpk satu pntu nih....
bile dyeorg bukak je nmpk cam blk bdk lelaki..
pastu camane ntah dyeorg jmpe bku
kat cover tuh tules
'Richard Clayton Harwick-My Story.
Read and weep.'
bku tu lbh krg cam diary,,
tp dye t'gntg...
then dyeorg pon cite r psl fmly dyeorg....

btw dyeorg sume nih have 1 similarity,,,,tht is sume ade step-family....based of thatlah cegu dyeorg pilih dyeorg ntok ade dlm 1 bus....

started with Claudia then Colin, Ralph, Pixie, n Robbo...
ak paleng ske cite psl ralph..
huish rmai naw stepmom dye!!!
time ak bce cite dye,,pening nk igt name fmli dye,,,

2nite i'll finishkn bku nih k,,,,

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